• st luke's (map)
  • 17 Bain Street
  • Glasgow, Scotland, G40 2JZ
  • United Kingdom

Formed of keyboardist Dan Nicholls (who has worked with Matthew Herbert), drummer Joshua Blackmore (Troyka) and guitarist Chris Sharkey (trioVD), this band has created, via their debut release Brokespeak, a sound that eschews genre and feels free from time-stamps. They are an intensely high-octane group that fire off frantic tempos and intricate complexities, yet they also retain an accessibility through fluid grooves and an engaging sense of melodic intuition. Conjuring big beats and a vast array of sonic possibilities, Strobes flickers effortlessly between the worlds of electro-improv, minimalist polyrhythm, Afrocentric grooves and distinctively original hooks. Built from collective composition, studio production, live sampling and improv jams, the music ranges from fiery, exhilarating odd-tempo loops, to polyphonic synth soundscapes and ‘beats that make loose clothing shimmer and earrings rattle’ (TheArtsDesk)